Yoga requires “Abhyasa” (practice) of Yama and Niyama (Inner and External observances) to prepare the ground for doing ‘Asana’ (Physical Postures) and Pranayam (Higher Dimensions of breath); to Purity Nadis (nerve channels) so that the agitations of the mind are calmed and it is made Fit to do “Dhyana” (Meditation) on the source of Divine Love & Light, to become one with it (self realization, liberation) “Kundalini” is awakened through “Prema Shakthi” – the culmination of all Yoga Practices.

In current times many are drawn to Yoga for relief from stress, holistic treatment of difficult, uncurable and undiagnosed ailments, weight management etc. and some stay on for more fulfillment and the ultimate attainment – Self-Realisation.

Why Sai Yoga?

We live in momentous times as all the five elements-Earth-Water-Fire-Air and Space on which our very existance is dependent have become polluted. Higher feelings of compassion, truth and love have evaporated in the heat of greed and selfishness. Increased incidents of allergies, cancer, arthritis, AIDS, viral outbreaks, mysterious ailments and other man-made disasters compete with floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis…

Today man is caught in a whirlpool of greed; a storm of desires is raging within him; he is on the precipice of pride and vanity; an avalanche of attachment and acquisitiveness is threatening to sweep him away anytime and the volcano of ego is burning his very vitals…

Man’s inhumanity to man is being reflected more and more in natural calamities…

All the worldly means to which one clings for security like wealth, beautiful bungalows and relationships are fast slipping away from one’s hand like water from closed first.

PRACTISING Sai-Yoga and observing its values in day-to-day life provides us an opportunity for transformation, empowerment of self, service to society and self-realisation.

Is this Yoga for me?

•    Sai Yoga is traditional yoga as it is practiced in the land of its origin-Bharat (India).

•    Sai Yoga is based on ancient yogic scriptures, teachings of the Sai Avathar and the experience of the teacher – Vinod Kumar.

•    Sai Yoga can easily be encorporated in the busy life style of a modern.

•    Sai yoga is “experiential yoga” for all, as it awakens the ‘Guru’ (Inner Guide: Higher Self) within!

•    Sai yoga provides easy ‘servicing – opportunity’ for holistic wellness (relaxed body, peaceful mind, compassionate heart, Joyful spirit), looking younger and longevity to experience the ecstasy of the realization of pure love.

•    Is’t it love (ever lasting, unconditional, pure.) which we are really looking for in so many ways?