"My life is forever changed after spending 100 days in India and training with Yogi Vinod Kumar. Everything about me has changed in some way and some things have changed in every way.I have learned that true nobility is not about being better or having more than others, it is about being better and more than I used to be! My experience with Vinod, Reiki, and Yoga has led me into a life-long journey of surrender, discovery, and purpose."
- Traci R. Bogan
Trainer, Speaker, Author & Humanthropist
"Thanks for all your extra ordinary insights and great skills as a teacher. With Love and Respect."
- Kabir Bedi
Actor Holliwood / Mumbai
"My meeting with Guru Vinodji has accelerated my work and thinking to a different level.I wish many many more persons get the advantage of Vinodji's knowledge and power to change them."
- Dr.K.L.Shah
M.S.,FAMS, Mumbai
"I am very grateful to Shri Vinod Kumar for introducing me to yoga, breathing and other exercises & techniques for meditation. He has made what i always thought was an incredibly complicated system accessible. The simplicity and clarity of his explanations are a joy to listen to!!"
- Amrita Abraham
Writer, Mumbai
"Your knowledge "sparkles", your encouragement to accept ourselves is especially helpful"
- Skye Farris
Healer, Ontario, Canada
"My tumour in the uterus is gone. I am also free from allergy."
- Petra Baessler
Yoga Teacher, Sennfeld, Germany
"Mr. Vinod Kumar has renewed my training, skill and knowledge.I feel refreshed and enlightened."
- Dr.M.Rajaram
I.A.S., T.N.Govt., Chennai
"Reiki is leading me to the Ultimate Truth"
- Air Cmde N.Singh.
(Indian Air Force)
"Reiki is clearing my body of toxins and my skin is also becoming younger and softer. Reiki has also led me to deeper levels of silence and profound meditation."
- Dr.N.Selvaraj
Tamilnadu Agricultural University