The teachings are conducted in Gurukula style that is to a small group at a time. Just like the same medicine is not administered to all the patients, Vinod Kumar prefers to teach on one to one basis.

Apart from teachership training courses you are also welcome to inquire for a “Wellness and Learning Retreat Package”, crafted to your needs, which also offer opportunity of experiencing Indian Hospitality and rejuvination with Ayurvedic Diet and massage and other signature therapies in natural surroundings.

These courses are unique in terms of teachings and personalised approach.


Yoga Training

Those who want to practice yoga regularly as a “preventive maintenance therapy” usually gain confidence after attending 10 classes of 2 hours duration each(spread over 5/10 days) to later continue at their own.

Those who experience the benefits of yoga and choose to share it with others as yoga teachers are welcome to undergo an intensive 200 hours Yoga Teachership Course spread over a month.