AYURVEDA (The science of holistic medicine)

In older days yogies used to dwell in self sustainable organic communes amidst the beauty and bounty of nature in forest and practice yoga. Farmers from nearby village will send fruits, vegitables, grains and dairy products as their offerings of gratitude and reverence. In turn yogies will offer free healings, teachings and guidance to society.


In higher states of meditation yogies communed with nature and realised the healing properties of herbs, plants and minerals. Thus Ayurveda(literally meaning – the knowledge of ife) was born to assist in regular practice of Yoga without physical or mental disturbances till the goal is attained.


Ayurveda focuses on the yogic principal that everything in the universe is made of five elements(Panch Bhootas) – space/ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth and life energy(Atma). Their balance and quality of interaction within human body determines the state of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing(holistic health). Ayurveda prescribes proper diet, change of life style, herbal preparations, medicinal oil massages and other techniques like fasting and praying for physical and mental detox, to restore the natural healing process. The knowledge of Ayurveda, diet, herbs, massage, ‘doshas’ and ‘prakruti’ complements yoga practices.


Ayurveda treats body as a whole and not in parts while addressing the cause of the ailment.


Lectures on Ayurveda , Ayurvedic Life Style, Asana, Pranayama and meditation to be done as per Ayurveda by people of different constitution, Ayurvedic cooking are taught during yoga courses conducted by Vinod Kumar. Also the food for the students is prepared as per the Ayurvedic principals.